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Use the social share buttons

Want a fast and easy way for your friends to sponsor you? Use the social share buttons on your paddler site, and use the appropriate Social Share buttons to post your Paddle for Life link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn sites, or through email. Buttons are located at the top right of your page. Here’s an example.

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Send or POst your page link

Every paddler has their own URL (website address). Just copy and paste this then email, text, or post to your social media accounts. When your friends click on your link they’ll go straight to your page.

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Share the website

Want to tell give your friends more info about the 11th Annual Paddle for Life? Send them the link . Tell them to link on the ‘Donate Now’ button. That will take them to the event site. They can use the ‘Search for Paddler’ field to find your donation page.

Want to tell your friends why donating to Pacific Cancer Foundation of Maui matters? Help them understand how their dollars will save and improve lives of those affected by cancer on Maui. Click on this button and share the link with your friends.

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